Friday, 15 August 2014

Faraway, a seaside scarf

inspiration struck while at the English seaside....

combining the new "Rowan Finest" yarn
with a Rowan classic, "Kidsilk Haze Stripe"

I didn't finish knitting until I was home here in Ontario....

it is high summer, and I want to photograph a scarf
that combines Mohair, Wool, Cashmere and Alpaca!

was I crazy????

well, I may not live near the seaside, but....
off to Lake Ontario we went, for a "seaside" feel...

this combination of Rowan Finest and Kidsilk Haze Stripe
 is incredibly luxurious!

knit simply in alternating sections of 
stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch....
inspired "over the pond" 
it is a great reminder of a wonderful vacation!
(I love the pockets in this top)
it floats in the breeze...
...ahh, that feels more like the seaside!

If you like to know more...things to link through to....

The yarns I used....Rowan Finest and Kidsilk Haze Stripe

My linen top is by olars ulla sweden....

one of my purchases at UpCountry in Holmfirth.....
I mentioned this in my "All Good Things" post

Pants...Ralph Lauren...bought a couple of years ago!

need "Rowan Finest" and "Kidsilk Haze Stripe"?
visit my "local" Rowan stockist, The Needle Emporium!

thank you to my wonderful friend,
photographer and Jamberry lady
Renée....she knows just how to get "the shot"

I am wearing "Confetti Cake"
and Renée is wearing "Icy Rose Polka"
visit Renée's Jamberry page 

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Wednesday, 13 August 2014

When only the finest will do...."Rowan Finest"

I couldn't wait to knit with "Rowan Finest".  It caught my eye immediately!

Fine gauge knitting with luxurious yarn and a collection of designs that are just so sublime!

50% wool, 20% cashmere and 30% royal alpaca.....
an amazingly soft, lightweight, 4 ply yarn

12 gorgeous shades
87m (95yds) per 25 g ball

These cute little balls of yarn have a purpose!

You know you hate it when a design just takes you into that next 50 gram ball right?
So with 25g balls, there is less wastage!
Sarah Hatton has designed 14 of the most elegant knits

Greta - sophisticated yet vulnerable

and worked in the round!

Kay - bold and edgy

Leona - the button detail makes this so very versatile

Una - beret and gloves -
with a bit of lace - every woman needs a touch of red!

I asked Sara Hatton about the styling for these designs and the photo shoot.  She said that she was going for "50's and 60's vintage Miami".

Vilma - a sophisticated twist on a traditional yoke design!

(Yes it is knit in the round, joining the body and sleeves to knit the yoke!)

Turns out this collection was photographed in "deepest darkest Nottinghamshire!

My impression of this design collection?  Well, it sort of reminds me of Oceans 11.  Remember Julia Roberts as Tess?  I can see Julia wearing these designs....strolling through the Bellagio.....on her way to meet up with.....hmmmm....I know Danny Ocean was her ex....

but I sort of like Rusty's style myself!

ahem, ok, let's get back to knitting!

cover design - Gloria

Want to see all of the Rowan Finest designs?

and all of the Rowan Finest shades?

Can you see why I just couldn't wait to try knitting with Rowan Finest? Why I just HAD TO knit something right then and there?

Happy Knitting!

Anne :)

Next time.....
Faraway, a seaside scarf
photos and "recipe"

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